Sub Express Oven Baked Subs™

Sub Express Oven Baked Subs

Sub Express- “Oven Baked Originals” offers a variety of oven toasted subs, wraps, and salads with a complete breakfast menu. The premium products are pre-portioned, pre-sliced and par-baked. This no fee QSR system has simple operating procedures, low cost entry, and training. Marketing support and provides a most memorable taste experience for your customers.

Oven baked originals taste great. The primary difference that consumers note is that a Sub Express sub is served hot. Each sub is made to order and baked right before serving. The roll is warm with a light crusty texture. The slightly melted cheese, deli meats, and cool vegetables are the taste that keeps customers coming back. Minimum space requirement 72-100sq.ft.


Sub Express Oven Baked Subs Training Video